the beginning of the icon

as promised, here are the first stages of my icon writing. I put the details on a separate page and just give brief updates here. I really don’t quite know what I am doing with the icon but try and continue as best as I can.
We had a workshop that other people attended but I could not get to. Now I joined their group and hope to pick up as much as I can from them and from books and webpages.

Here is where I started: I looked for an icon I liked – the icon of the Holy Silence. I found it in a book I bought in Germany. It is sometimes called Holy Wisdom. I like the wings and the colors and the idea of Holy Wisdom.

Holy Silence
Holy Silence

I copied the outline onto a prepared board. Thanks to Jan for patiently preparing the board and for giving it to me so that I could join in without long preparations.


More details and bigger pictures on my icon page.

the beginning of the icon

One thought on “the beginning of the icon

  1. straightforwardcoaching says:

    Hi Annika – just read this and I’m really interested in how you go about creating an icon now (never thought about it before!) I’ll be checking back to find out how you got on soon – good luck with it!
    Claire x

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