Theology podcast

I recently discovered Philip Harland’s blog about Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean. He offers podcasts of his lectures on topics such as “The Historical Jesus in Context”. I very much like his historical approach.

Overall, he has four series so far. Currently I am listening to the first one on Paul and the second one on the different gospels.

Series 1: Paul and his communities (12 episodes, Oct 2007 – Feb 2008 release)
Series 2: Early Christian portraits of Jesus (11 episodes, Feb 2008 – Sept 2008)
Series 3: Diversity in early Christianity: “Heresies” and struggles (16 episodes, Oct 2008-June 2009)
Series 4: The Historical Jesus in Context (Sept 2009- )

For me it is easiest to pick them up from the archive. I played around with podcatchers but somehow that does not work for me. I cannot quite see the point: direct download seems to be so much faster and less hassle. But maybe I am missing something here.

Theology podcast

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